Color Coordinate Your Staff

Color Coordinate Your StaffSecurity and Staff t-shirts are available in a wide range of colors from a simple white to solid black. The color of the security uniform is an important factor in how your event security staff is organized. Since most security or staff tee shirts are screen printed with the word security or staff in the front, back or both front and back, the color of the shirt and the imprint color will play a big factor in how your security staff is distributed in the event and the function each staff member will play in that event.

For events such as clubs where the staff needs to be visible (front door or the exits), it is best to have the staff wear a yellow tee shirt with the word security printed in the full front and full back. The yellow color will standout and patrons can identify the staff members in case they need assistance or help. On the other hand there may be time where the staff needs to be invisible and fade into the background, in such case the security or staff member might be wearing a black shirt (depending the back ground color) with the word security printed only on the back. This will keep them out of sight, but in case they need to react to a situation, the white & large SECURITY imprint on the back will make them standout among the crowd.

Most small event will only require one color shirts for all security members, but as your event grows and your security needs become more complicated, it will be a good practice to establish stations with different responsibilities and different looks for each station. This differentiation can be achieved by separating the colors of each group member.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-370-5591 with any questions you may have when considering the color coordination of your staff members. Our staff is here to help you.