Screen Printing Inks

Caring for your custom printed t-shirts

Screen printing on fabric can be done using one of two methods, by using plastisol ink or water based ink. Plastisol ink is cured by having its plastic particles melted into the fabric thereby attaching itself to the fabric. Water based ink actually get into the fabric and changes the color of the fabric.

When washing a custom printed t-shirt printed with plastisol ink, it’s best to turn the shirt inside out, there by not exposing the ink to the dryers heat. When ironing a custom shirt printed with plastisol ink, it’s best to also have the shirt flipped inside out and iron it from the back and not bringing the iron in direct contact with the ink. The plastisol inks plastic elements do melt at about 320 degrees and the heat of the typical iron is high enough to re-melt the ink and damage the shirt and perhaps the iron.

At, we print our shirts using plastisol ink. Using the care mentioned in this article will help extend the life of your custom printed t-shirts.