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Reflective Safety Shirts

Reflective Safety Shirts

Reflective safety shirts are made of 100% polyester moisture-wicking material. The material draws moisture away from your body and leaves you cool and dry. The bright colors react to the sun’s ultraviolet rays making the lime-yellow or orange almost glow. This increases visibility during the day. The reflective tape is for night as the car beams or other lights sources will bounce off the tape.

Custom Printed Safety Shirts

Custom safety shirts are not only professional but act as free advertisement for your business! The material will keep your employees visible but what about others? Keep people informed about who is on the property by printing your company name on the shirt.

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You get to advertise your services while informing people about your employees. Security detail, lawn workers, construction and survey crews can benefit from this. Especially when crews are working in neighborhoods or schools.

Our reflective wear can be custom printed with your company name, number, logo and tag line. The more information you give the more you advertise your business!

Reflective Polo Shirts

Reflective polos are purchasable blank, standard and custom. There are two styles available. The two toned have a reflective bright color on the top. These shirts are stylish, professional as well as visible. Reflective polos can be purchased by anyone but especially for auto dealerships and valet companies that need a highly sophisticated look. The second style isn’t two toned.

Reflective Long Sleeves Shirts

Reflective long sleeve shirts are great for all the reasons above but also as a professional alternative during cold weather. The top of the shirt is a high visibility color while the lower half is black. The material is still moisture wicking and comfortable wear. There is reflective tape on the arms and around the waist.

Reflective wear is a great idea for anyone. Runners, walkers and cyclists need safety wear around busy roads. Constructions workers need to be visible to avoid being hit with machinery or other objects. Roadside emergency responders and workers must wear safety apparel at all time. Our line of shirts will keep your workers visible, alert people to who is on the job site, and our custom options will promote your business!