5 Reasons to Buy Custom Embroidered Work Shirts

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Custom Embroidered Work Shirts

There are 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Embroidered Work Shirts that may help you decide between embroidery and screen printing. Screen printing is fast, easy and the most affordable option, however, the beauty of embroidery just may steal your breath away. Here are some reasons why paying a little extra may result in larger returns.

1) Embroidered Work Shirts are a good investment

The first thing that makes embroidered uniforms a superior choice is that the embroidery lasts much longer than your screen or digital shirt printing. Embroidery machine threads come in a variety of fabrics, colors and weights. One of the most popular threads, and the one we use at TshirtbyDesign, is Polyneon. This is a 100% durable polyester thread. What makes polyneon so durable? It is made of raw material that doesn’t loop or pucker which lessens the possibility of the thread breaking.

What makes Polyneon the ideal choice is not only its durability but its resistance to chlorine bleach. The vibrant glossy colors are fade resistant too. This means you can get more washings out of custom embroidered uniforms.

Custom embroidery may cost a little more but the investment is worth it because your uniforms will look pristine far longer than your other standard printing options. This means you won’t have to replace uniforms as often which overtime will save you money.

2) Embroidered Work Shirts look more professional

More Reasons to Buy Custom Embroidered Work Shirts is that embroidery looks more professional and stylish. Have you ever seen embroidery up close? Embroidery threads give your design, logo or text a whole new dimension! When you run your finger over the threads you can feel that the logo is slightly raised. The glossy threads, the direction of the thread and the vibrant thread colors will bring your design to life.

Lets compare an embroidery logo to a screen printing one.


The difference is breathtaking! The screen printing design looks a little flat and like its been painted on, which it has! Whereas the embroidery looks like its part of the shirt.

While screen printing is an affordable alternative, the ink will crack and chip overtime. As mentioned above, embroidery lasts longer and the better your logo looks the more professional your whole work attire will look!

While a great looking logo is essential, what about the style of the uniform?

3) Embroidery is available on many different fabrics

With screen printing you’re limited to your cotton shirts and some polyester/cotton blends which also limits your style choices. However, embroidery opens up a variety of fabric and style possibilities because nearly any material is an option! Embroidery even works on thicker fabrics like fleece and denim. This means you can create a whole line of custom embroidered work apparel for your employees!

Furthermore, there are just some shirt styles that look better with embroidery. Like take these silk touch polos for example. They’re high quality 100% polyester. And while polyester isn’t impossible to screen print on, it’s rather difficult and requires special inks and therefore the colors are limited. Embroidery, on the other hand, doesn’t have quite the same restrictions when it comes to color options!

4) Embroidery offers more color choices

Embroidery threads comes in many different colors and one color is richer than the next! Did you know that some embroidery threads have a sheen to them? This glossy or shiny look adds even more flavor to your logo or text and is guaranteed to help you stand out amongst your competition!

Because there are so many vibrant thread colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the best match for your business! This variety not only helps make sure that your logo retains the look and feel it was created for but also helps create a unique look just for your business.

Combine richly colored threads with a stylish shirt and your employees will be proud to wear your custom embroidered work shirts!

5) Embroidered Work Shirts are great for advertising

When customers sees that you’re willing to invest in high quality uniforms then they know you’ve put time, effort and care into your company. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure your staff looks their best then you must take pride in your services. This in turn instills confidence in consumers. Building confidence is one of the best ways to advertise your business!

In addition to being a great option for custom uniforms, embroidery also opens more doors to other advertising opportunities! What better way to promote your business than on premium quality hats, bags, sweatshirts or even aprons embroidered with your own company logo? These items are sought after for giveaways, employee gifts and resale! Embroidery looks great and is sure to catch someone’s eye and the next eye you catch just might be a new customer!

So the next time you’re looking for new ways to advertise think about custom embroidery!

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