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Custom printed work uniforms are a great way to reach new customers. A crew that looks professional will catch the eye of potential clients more so than a company that doesn’t look uniformed. The more thought you put into the outward appearance of your business, the more it will show customers how committed you are to your services.

When choosing work uniforms for landscaping companies, there are few things to consider.


Why do landscapers wear long sleeved shirts?

Landscapers are often at the mercy of the sun. Just thinking about wearing a long sleeved shirt during the hottest part of the day is enough to make anyone start sweating. But when you’re working outside, long sleeves are the best protection against skin cancer. Sunscreen is great but it sweats off too soon to offer full protection. Long sleeved shirts made of cotton will actually breathe with you, keeping you cooler than thicker, heavier shirts. Best of all, long sleeves will protect more of your skin from being burned by the sun.


What colors are best for landscaping uniforms?

Lawn crews that work mainly on busy roads should consider wearing brighter uniforms. Neon colors as well as vibrant reds

will catch the eye of oncoming traffic. The crew will be safer if drivers can spot them at distance. Bright yellows, neon greens, and reds are a great choice for landscaping businesses that work in heavy traffic areas.

For residential landscapers, going with a color that compliments your logo might be the best choice. White shirts are also an option because white will keep the crew cooler during the hot summer months.


Should I include a logo or image on my landscaping shirts?

Images are a visual way to captivate your target audience. You have little more than a glance to capture people’s interest. Adding a logo or image to your shirt brings focus to your advertisement. If your company doesn’t have a logo, consider images that will best represent what you specialize in. For example, some landscapers also offer tree trimming services so they might choose to put an image of a tree on their shirts.


At, we will do our best to help you order the perfect shirts for your landscaping business. We have a variety of landscaping shirts to choose from.

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