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Creating a personalized HVAC work uniform isn’t easy when it comes thinking up ideas on what should be printed on the shirt. Company name is a given but what about the names of the employees? Does your address need to be on the shirt or is a phone number enough? What about a web address?

And then there’s the most important question of “how do I make my shirt stand out?”

People respond to images more than text so an image that represents your company will make your shirt stand out the most.

Company Logo

Your company logo is the best thing you could put on your work shirts because it will help your customers identify you and your brand gets more exposure. However, if your company name is your logo (special font, etc.), you could think about adding an image to it that will draw more attention to your company.

For example, any of these listed below could potential add interest to your custom printed HVAC shirt:

  1. Suns, Flames, Snowflakes, Clouds, Water, Wind, Ice
  2. A graphic that depicts a circular motion
  3. Thermometers
  4. Polar Bears, Penguins, Whales, and other cold-natured critters
  5. Houses
  6. Fans
  7. Tools of the trade
  8. Miss something? Tell us in the comments!

The best thing to remember is that less is more. Treat your custom HVAC uniform as a potential piece of advertisement. Make sure that potential customers will be able to clearly read the shirts and obtain your contact information in a single glance. offers pre-designed custom HVAC work uniform templates to make it easier for businesses to obtain work shirts.

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