Do I have to have my own logo on my work uniforms?

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Many companies, especially ones just starting out, have not had the opportunity to commission a professionally designed logo or might still be in the process of acquiring one. Without a logo, how can a company complete their brand image and get the most out of a company work t-shirt?

Company ShirtsA custom printed work t-shirt will benefit your company even if you do not have a logo.
1) Custom printed uniforms present a professional appearance to your customers.
2) Your contact information is still being seen and hopefully noted by future clients.
3) It’s an easy way for customers to identify your staff.

At TShirtbyDesign we offer pre-designed company work uniform templates that can be personalized with a company name and contact information. These templates are designed with industry specific images that will draw attention to your employees and help advertise your services. Businesses that do not have a logo, or choose not to use theirs, can benefit from using one of our ready to print pre-made designs.

However, there are benefits to using your own company logo.
1) The more exposure your logo has, the more recognizable it will become.
2) A company t-shirt with logo completes your brand image and lets customers know you’re committed to your services since you’ve put time and money into getting your logo out there.

Advertising with work uniforms are a great way to generate business but sometimes you have only a second to capture the interest of a potential client. If your business is well known and you have a company logo, using the that is still your best option though you could always incorporate another graphic along with your logo.


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