How do you choose the right Landscaping Uniform

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Landscaping Crew Long Sleeve Uniforms with back imprint Custom printed company uniforms not only outfit your crew in professional work attire but the shirts also advertise your business! Custom work uniforms are an affordable way to spread the news about your services. Your employees wear their uniforms all around the area and it is crucial to have a design that reflects what you do. There are many custom work uniform websites with an array of ready-to-print logos, however, how do you choose the right landscaping uniform for your crew?

Choosing the right work uniform style

Landscapers work outdoors and therefore should always have protection from the sun’s UV rays and even insects. Therefore, long sleeve shirts are a must have. Long sleeve cotton shirts are comfortable and durable but there’s also reflective and moisture wicking materials to consider. Reflective long sleeve shirts have sun protection of UPF50+ while the moisture wicking keeps you cool, dry and looking your best.

Of course there are other options like polo shirts for your team leaders and short sleeve shirts for days when it just too hot!

Choosing the shirt color for your landscaping uniform

When it comes to landscaping everything is about being green! But will green make you stand out how do you choose the right landscaping uniformamongst all the other green? Long sleeve reflective shirts will definitely catch people’s eyes and this shirt is the best option if your crew works around busy roads. Alternatively, our safety green shirts are a little lighter and just as bright. We also offer orange safety shirts which helps keep your landscaping crew visible to all vehicles and machinery operators.

Choosing the right logo for your landscaping crew uniforms

How do you choose the right Landscaping Uniform design when its so easy to grab a logo with some grass, print it up and get to work? Well, not so fast! If you want to stand out from other landscaping crews then your logo should fully encompass all of the services you offer. The more information you can provide people in a glance the better your logo will serve you.

how do you choose the right landscaping uniformDo you offer tree trimming services as well as mowing and lawn care? Then your logo should feature both grass and trees. For example, look at our Landscaping Crew Uniforms. The design features a well manicured lawn as well as beautifully shaped trees.

Likewise, if you only do tree trimming then choose a logo that centers around a beautiful tree design.

If you’re looking to stand out, perhaps choose a fun design that will get people smiling like our Lawn Mower Service Uniform.

The logo, style and color you end up choosing should reflect your business as a whole, make it easy for people to recognize you and get people talking! If you need further help creating the perfect landscaping company uniform then don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!


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