How to use your company shirt for advertising

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How to use your company shirt for advertising

Advertising your business is a job in and of itself. Large companies spend a lot of revenue, time and effort into marketing campaigns. Small businesses often do not have that luxury because they lack the available man power. However, there are really simple cost effective solutions and one of those is to use your company shirt for advertising!

Unify Your Company Dress Code

Unified Company Dress Code

Unifying your employee’s dress code not only presents a professional united front but it also advertises your services. When you have hardworking staff you want them to stand out and the more they stand out wearing your brand the more positive recognition your company receives. 

For the best results, choose a style that best fits your industry and the work your employees are doing. For example, office staff should be outfitted in stylish company polos. That’s right. Don’t forget your office staff! They may be inside all day but they leave on lunch breaks or run errands after work. A great looking polo with your logo on it will attract attention much the same way GAP and Abercrombie & Fitch do. In fact, embroidered company shirts set a very high standard as they look the most professional.

Another thing to look for is the type of material. For contractor’s and landscaper’s you will want to look for 100% cotton or moisture wicking material. Contractors spend a lot of time out in the weather. Whether it’s the bright harsh son or biting cold winds, their clothing takes a beating as does their skin. Make sure they are protected by outfitting them in long sleeve company shirts.

If you do go the company uniform route, don’t forget the business cards! Your company shirts will likely peek people’s interest and you’ll want to be able to give them a card to take home.

Give Your Company Shirts Away

Think of your branded company shirt as a billboard sign worn by employees, clients and maybe even a supportive family member or a friend! Everyone likes to wear t-shirts, right? And when it’s a good looking, comfortable, t-shirt they will want to wear it all the time! Each time they dawn your company shirt, your brand and services is being seen by everyone in their path. 

Company shirt giveaways can be accomplished in a few ways. 

1) You can offer special, more expensive styles, to your best employees as Christmas or promotion gifts. Yes, it’s a little sneaky as you’ll be handing it over while silently screaming “wear it, it’s free advertising for me!” but look at it this way: they get a free shirt they could use. That is one less article they have to buy. And it also lets them know how highly you think of them. You don’t want just anyone wearing a company shirt, right? Only the right people who will represent your brand well. 

2) Use a different color shirt or style for customer giveaways. This way customers won’t be confused as employees but you still get your brand seen. You can accomplish this by giving the shirts to returning loyal customers or when a clients makes a purchase over a certain dollar amount. Or simply give them away! This will impress clients because they love free stuff and it’s something they can use! 

This is a great strategy for companies like boat sales or rentals, bed and breakfast lodging, ski resorts and any other recreational activities. Not only is it a great conversational starter but it clues people into what is available out there for fun and entertainment.

Create a Company Shirt for Resell

If you’re a hotspot for tourist activity then honestly what are you waiting for? Tourists love taking home keepsakes of their favorite places! This is the best place to use your company shirt for advertising. Again these shirts should look different from your company shirts so not to confuse anyone but still your brand is going to get seen! And trust us, your shirts will fly off the shelves. 

Outdoor restaurants should definitely have tank tops and long sleeve shirts for sale. How many times have you been stuck somewhere and the weather has taken you by surprise? Tank tops are a must for over-dressed customers during the summer while sweatshirts will be a godsend during the colder months!

Non-touristy places can also benefit from creating a company brand shop. Especially if the products you select are stylish and inventive! People love to give back to their favorite companies. It gives them a sense of pride and a way of belonging. Think of it as a way for them to express themselves by saying “hey I swear by this company and I love what they do!” They want your business to continue as much as you do. Also don’t stop at just T-shirts. Check out reusable bags and coasters too!

When using this approach it is imperative to think about your target audience. Who frequents your establishment? What is their preferred style? What kind of design would they prefer? Use your observation skills to pick the best styles and colors that fit your clientele. 

Create a shirt to promote a speciel event

If there is something special going on then create a company shirt to commemorate it! For example, if your restaurant is promoting live music and you have a special well known artist attending. Or maybe your business is adding a new service or product. 

Again, think of your shirts as being worn by a living, and moving, bill board. What do you want people to know about your business?

A few things to consider about company shirt design and how to use your company shirt for advertising effectively:

  1. Make your company name as large as you can so it’s easily readable at a distance.
  2. Use a nice image that represents your business. People respond quicker to images and colors more than words. Be sure you have an image that will catch their attention.
  3. Make sure your t-shirts look like they belong to you. For example, you’ll want your shirt design to match your online identity as well as the look of your physical place of business. Try to use shirt colors that go well with your logo design. If you consistently use the same colors, fonts, tagline etc then your brand recognition will greatly improve. 

If you’re ready to start using company shirts for advertising then check out our custom printed shirts as well as our pre-designed templates! And remember, we are always here to help get the most out of your custom shirts!

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