How will my custom imprint look on different shirt sizes?

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Custom imprint will print exactly the same on each shirt. This means that the proportion to which it prints on a small will print at the same proportion on an adult large. Our printers make adjustments during the printing process so that your design will look best on every shirt size.

It’s always up to the client and there may be design reasons not to adjust the image size for each shirt. If this is the case, be sure to check with your designer before print.

Should the logo fill up the entire printable area? 

The larger the design the more visible it will be.  If you’re doing a work shirt with the company phone number it’s recommended that the imprint prints at maximum size. When it comes to work uniforms, there are many deciding factors when choosing the right imprint for your business.

When it comes to group shirts it depends on the style and message you’re trying to convey. Smaller images are for more intimate settings where as larger designs work best when viewed at a distance.

What size should I create my design at?

If you’re needing a small left chest imprint then the average size would be no larger than 4”x4”. You can go smaller if needed but this is only recommended if you’re not expecting people to need to read what it says from any sort of distance. 

The average size for a full back and front imprint is 10”x10”. If you create your file in high resolution then we should be able to adjust your design based on each t-shirt size you order.

When you purchase a custom printed shirt, our in-house design team will be able to assist you with any design help you need.

What if I don’t have a design?

All of our personalized shirt templates are print ready! All you have to do is give us the information, choose your sizes and shirt color. We will do the rest!

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