Ideas for Landscaping Crew Shirts

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Landscaping Stripe Lawn UniformsIf you’re looking for some ideas for landscaping crew shirts then you’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of styles and designs to help you outfit your landscaping crew in high quality uniforms that reflect your business. If you’re wanting to make your own logo then continue reading for some ideas that may inspire your creativity.

What to print on your landscaping crew shirts

The most obvious answer is your company name and phone number. However, at a glance that won’t tell people who you are and what you do. We offer many ready-to-print landscaping designs that make creating custom uniforms fast, easy and affordable.

If you’re looking to create something that is unique to your company then here are some simple ideas for landscaping crew shirts that you can bring together to make your very own landscaping design:

  • Leaves next to your name
  • Make a leaf and then put your company information in a circle around it
  • Make a field of mowed grass for your company name to sit on
  • Use shovels and other tools of the trade
  • Use a house with trees and grass
  • Use a large tree and have your company name arching over it
  • Utilize other shapes and banners along with some of these elements to create a unique look

While your company information and an eye catching logo is the most important it’s not everything. The look and feel of your crew shirts is also crucial to how people view your company and the comfort of your employees.

What shirt style to choose

Long sleeve landscaping crew shirts are hands down the best choice when it comes to protecting your employees from the sun.Full Color Landscaping Shirt Polos However, what about those days they aren’t in the sun? Have you given thought about what your office staff should wear or what you should wear on landscaping consultations? That is why a variety of shirt styles is what you need!

The next time you purchase uniforms, considering adding some polos to your order. Polo shirts are seen as a more professional style and will impress potential clients when you are giving a consult. You always want to look your best when landing a new contract and professionally printed custom polos with your company name is a great place to start!

What fabric to buy

Cotton shirts are popular for screen printing and because the material is durable as well as comfortable. However, there is another material out there that outdoor crews should be aware of: polyester moisture wicking fabric. These shirts not only protect you from the sun but they keep you cool and dry all day long.




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