Front Left? Full Chest? Which one is right for my business?

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Choosing an imprint position is not a choice to make lightly. Your company uniform can say a lot about your business and where you place your information will depend on what kind of employee you want to present to a client.

Below are some opinions based on the choices we’ve seen our clients make about their own company uniforms.

When to choose front left:
Front left is by far the most professional option. Large corporations to small offices will have their logo or company name printed on the front left chest of polos or t-shirts. This placement is neat and clean, but visible close up. If your employees meet face to face with customers in a professional setting, front left chest is going to be a great option for your company.

When to choose full chest:

Full chest is best reserved for occasions where employees are going to be viewed at a distance. This is particular useful for trade shows, events and other occasions where the staff needs to remain visible at all times. This placement is also common with landscaping professionals because the large front print is more eye catching to anyone passing by.

The image, logo or design you choose may dictate to you where to place the imprint. Some designs will work better across the chest because printing them any smaller may make them unreadable. Line art of people or anything with any detail that is going to fill up the entire printable position will look much better across the chest and make the shirt more aesthetically pleasing.

What about no front imprint?

No-front imprint is common for events, trades hows and night clubs who might not want to advertise their security detail. This all depends on the kind of atmosphere the event is trying to create. Some customers may feel they’re being watched so keeping security only across the back may lessen the tension. The no front imprint position is also popular among plumbers and other contractors where their clients or potential clients will be seeing them at a distance. The full back position is the most visible and sometimes that is all the customer feels they need on their uniforms.

Still not sure which one to choose?

When you place your order with us, make sure to provide us with your email so that we can send you a proof. If you don’t like where you originally chose to place the imprint, just let us know and we’ll get you a new proof.

If you’re still not sure which one you will like for your company, try ordering a small batch of shirts to test before committing to a large quantity.


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