Screen Printing vs Iron On

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If you are trying to choose between screen printing or iron on transfers for your next project, there are a couple of things to consider when making your decision.

Printing a single t-shirt for a onetime event or just for fun might be best achieved by doing an iron on transfers yourself. The cost per shirt is cheaper and the process is fairly easy to do. All you need is an ink jet printer, a t-shirt, some transfer paper and an iron.

However, while it might be cost effective and easy, iron on transfers limit your creativity to light colored t-shirts. Also, when you compare the vibrant colors of a screen printed shirt to an iron on transfer, there is a noticeable difference. Screen prints can produce true vivid colors while an iron on can’t.

There is also the issue of durability. If your shirt is a professional t-shirt that will be washed and worn regularly, having it screen printed is the best choice when it comes to quality. The ink jet inks will not last and often start to peel or crack after just one washing. A high quality screen printing will hold up under multiple washings.

For a professional company t-shirt or a shirt for an event or organization, screen printing is the best choice when it comes to quality and durability. Even if it is only one shirt, a screen printed shirt is well worth the cost because it will last a lot longer and will look more professional.

At TshirtByDesign we offer high quality screen printing on custom staff shirts as well as other contractor shirts. If you’re looking to make shirts for a company or event, let us do the hard work of printing the shirts for you. If you do not have a ready-to-print design, our in-house designers will be more than willing to work with you on creating a t-shirt that will be custom printed to your company’s needs.

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