SECURITY! Blend in or Stand Out?

July 8, 2013 10:51 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Where to print the word security on a shirt? And why?

1. No Front Imprint (prints on the back only)

Businesses or organizations may want to choose this option if they prefer to have their security team blend in with the crowd. The security staff will look like casual observers until they move into the crowd, and everyone sees the bold lettering across the back.


2. Left Chest Imprint (prints on the back and small left chest)

Printing the word SECURITY on the small left chest helps distinguish the security staff from the crowd. The staff will still blend in but the guests will have an easier time finding help when needed.

3. Large Center Imprint (prints on the front and back)

Businesses or organizations may want to select this option if their event might attract an unruly crowd. People will be reassured their safety is being taken care of when they can easily spot a security team member.

All the above options are available in the Security T-Shirt collection. We have a variety of color choices that will help you find the perfect shirt for your team.

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