What shirts have SPF sun protection?

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What shirts have SPF sun protection?What shirts have SPF sun protection?

While wearing any long sleeve shirt will offer you some protection against the sun, there is a certain fabric that provides better sun protection than others. So what shirts have SPF sun protection? Performance polyester fabrics are not only moisture wicking but are designed with a UPF rating.  When talking about fabrics, it’s actually the UPF rating you want to look for and not SPF. SPF is used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens and other products you apply to your skin. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor which measures how much ultraviolet radiation passes through a fabric. The higher the UPF rating the stronger the protection against the sun. 

Do polyester shirts really protect you against UV rays? 

It is important to stress that not all polyester materials are UPF rated and some brands may have different ratings. For example, our long sleeve polyester shirts have a UPF rating of 50 which means that only 2% of harmful UV rays pass through the material. This material is tightly woven to provide more protection against UV rays. 

Where do I buy polyester UPF shirts?What shirts have SPF sun protection?

TshirtbyDesign.com offers custom printed short sleeve polyester and long sleeve polyester shirts that you can personalize with your company logo, design or text! We offer a variety of colors as well as sizes and ink colors. Our long sleeve polyester UPF shirts are a must have for landscapers, roadside workers or anyone looking for a fun day in the sun! 

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